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Matsu Islands

Matsu Islands

Situated in the northwest corner of the Taiwan Strait and separated from China by only a narrow strip of water, Matsu, like Kinmen to the south, is also made up largely of granite. Its scenery consists of sea-eroded terrain, natural sand and pebble beaches, sand dunes and precipitous cliffs. In addition to its beautiful jagged coastline and the migratory birds that pass through, Matsu also offers traditional eastern Fujian villages built on mountainsides as well as defensive fortifications built by the military.


Here’s a one-day itinerary for you:

Take Flight to Matsu Nangan Airport

> Niujiao Village

> Matsu Liquor Factory Industry (Matsu Distillery)

> Tunnel 88 > Matsu Folk Culture Museum

> Nangan Visitor Center

> Beihai Tunnel

> Dahan Stronghold (to see “Blue Tears”)



The Penghu archipelago is Taiwan’s offshore island group, situated in the strait that separates Taiwan from China. Penghu is made up of 90 small islands with a combined coastline that stretches more than 320 kilometers. Each season brings its own particular scenery, and rich natural and cultural resources can be found here. The landscape here is characterized by basaltic rocks, coral reefs, sea-eroded formations, and beaches, while the fishing culture and migratory birds add extra dimensions to the picture.


For a historic city tour, follow this itinerary:

Magong City Tour

> Four-eyed Well

> Zhongyang Old Street

> Wanjun Well and Shigong Temple

> Penghu Tianhou Temple

> Shuncheng Gate

> Military Housing Culture Area

> Guanyinting Recreation Area 

> Return

Little Liuqiu

Little Liuqiu

Lying in the sea about 14 kilometers to the southwest of Donggang in Pingtung County, Little Liuqiu is the only one of Taiwan’s numerous offshore islands that is composed of coral. As is it not influenced by northeastern monsoons in winter, the climate remains warm and dry all year round. This is a traditional fishing island where the pace of life is slow and free. Local inhabitants are very religious; there are over 100 temples of various sizes on the little island, each with its own unique features and special attractions.


Featuring unique geological formations, Little Liuqiu has a diverse natural ecology and plenty of beautiful coastal views.  Let the clear transparent sea water, blue skies, and interesting local folk customs and cultures entertain your eyes and enrich your mind.


Cycle around the island with this itinerary:

Beauty Cave

> Sea View Pavilion

> Wild Boar Ditch (walking trail)

> Geban Bay

> Black Dwarf Cave

> Houshi Fringing Reef

> Take a ferry from Baisa Port back to Donggang

Green Island

Green Islands

A short distance offshore from Taitung, Green Island was formed by undersea volcanic activity. The island is covered in hills, and coral reefs surround it. This landscape suffers year-round land and sea erosion so the coast takes on a weather-beaten, rugged look. The surroundings waters are rich with sea life, including many types of reef fish and over 300 species of coral. In addition to undersea coral reefs, the Green Island Central mountains block monsoon rains. When the northeast monsoon comes with turbulent waves, the southwest side of the island remains calm. Scuba divers can still dive during this time. When summer brings the southwest wind, divers can move to the north of the island for calmer conditions. Except for typhoon days, divers are able to dive year-round.


Here’s our recommended one-day tour of Green Island:  

Take flight or ferry from Taitung to Green Island

> Lunch

> Explore some scenic views by scooter/bike

(such as Lyudao Lighthouse, Human Rights Culture Park,

Guanyin Cave, Little Great Wall, Haishenping,

Sleeping Beauty Rock and so on)

> Dinner

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